I was fortunate enough to attend the Passion Conference in Atlanta, Georgia at The Georgia Dome January 2-4 with over 50,000 other people between the ages of 18-25. The Passion Conference has been changing lives for twenty years and continues to do so with Louie Giglio starting Passion in 1997. I was a rookie going into Passion and only knew what others had told me. Describing Passion does not do it justice, words cannot describe how Passion affects you and the fact that you are one person when you walk in and a different person when you leave Passion and it is amazing in itself. Going into Passion, I was anxious to see what God was going to bring forth to me. My favorite speakers that opened up my eyes and heart were Francis Chan, Louie Giglio, Katherine Wolf, and Christine Caine. Each speaker hit home with me and opened my heart to what God wanted to say. Physically you saw the speaker as their human form but it was the Holy Spirit that was truly speaking in The Dome. God was apparent on day one of Passion.

Worshipping was my favorite part of Passion, the voices of over 50,000 people lifting up the name of Jesus was the most satisfying feeling. As I looked around among the crowd, people were literally pouring their heart out to God. The voices of The Dome soared, tears fell, hands held high, and lives saved. During worship you could feel a sense of celebration, everyone retaining what the speakers were teaching and then thanking God for his endless love and grace through worship. The feeling I received during worship was indescribable, it brought tears to my eyes because of how much joy I felt and the amount of love God has for us. I just knew that my heart was being touched by God. No one cared who was around them or what they looked like in worship, they simply surrendered to Jesus. The atmosphere in The Dome transformed into what felt like Holy Ground.

The number of young people that attended Passion goes to prove that Jesus is ALIVE in our generation. The three days of Passion were truly powerful and I can say that I saw God. Passion was an awakening for me that I desperately needed. Though Passion has ended, I pray that I never forget the feeling I received while in The Dome. To others it may be a Dome but to me it is a place where I gave everything to Jesus and I ran out of the grave. I left any shame, doubt, and weight I had been carrying in Atlanta. I thank God, Madison, and my family for the opportunity to attend this life changing event. All of Passion 2017 is online if you missed it and be on the watch for the Passion 2017 album coming out soon. God is WORTHY of His name! May 2017 be the year that you realize your worth through God’s eyes and that you also run out of the grave.

fullsizerenderSarah Burnette
College Freshman
University of Tennessee, Knoxville